StarLink Data Link System for Tactical UAVs

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StarLink Data Link System for Tactical UAVs
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StarLink - The Affordable and Versatile Digital Solution for Real-Time Battlefield Intelligence Gathering

The StarLink data link system provides small unit commanders with a reconnaissance and surveillance capability to see over the next hill or building, as well as support for mounted and dismounted forces, scouts, and Special Operations Forces (SOF) at battalion level and below.

In today´s dynamic and volatile battlefield, a commander´s ability to gather battlefield intelligence directly, in real-time, is critical to his ability to make the right decisions and apply the appropriate combat assets - right on time.


Lack of situational awareness, unfocused battle rhythm, and delayed intelligence, can crucially affect a force´s effectiveness and thwart the best planned operations.


Tadiran Spectralink´s new StarLink data link system is a smart response to these challenges. Bringing a fresh, new concept to battlefield intelligence gathering, the StarLink has been especially designed to communicate and display video and other types of information, gathered by small/mini-UAVs, in real time and close to the area of interest.

StarLink Concept of Operations

Low Weight & Power Consumption = Extended Range & Endurance

Tadiran Spectralink’s StarLink is a point-to-point full duplex digital data link system, specifically designed for use with midi and mini-Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). StarLink provides for simultaneous transmission of command and control signals, and reception of video and telemetry data, between the UAS and a Ground Control Station (GCS).


Immune to jamming and interference and with provision for encryption, StarLink securely delivers real-time video imagery captured by the UAS payload straight to the end users in the field and provides the best inner-link solution for interference, multi-path, and coexistence. Added to its low weight, StarLink’s remarkably low power consumption allows for extended mission range and endurance.


StarLink employs a Time Division Duplexing (TDD) method that can operate at Single Frequency (SF) or Frequency Hopping (FH) mode, to achieve very high spectral efficiency (4 MHz per channel); uplink and downlink traffic can share the same frequency while using only the part of the bandwidth required by each type of traffic.

StarLink C-Band ADT

StarLink´s very compact Air Data Terminal (ADT) consists of a couple of Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs) housed in a light metal case. In the C-Band version, the ADT also includes an equally compact RF Head module.



C-Band StarLink
  RF Head




Flexible configurations for a variety of tactical applications


The StarLink is available in S, L, and C-band versions, allowing for use in all types of midi and mini-UAS applications, at tactical ranges from 0 and up to 100 kilometers. Starlink’s compact and easily transportable Ground Data Terminal (GDT) is mounted on a rotating tracking system, which affords it single or dual-axis tracking capability and further extends its impressive effectiveness.

Starlink Single-Axis Tracking GDT




 Single-Axis Tracking GDT




Dual-Axis Tracking GDT


Another advantage offered by StarLink is the ability to deliver real-time, broadcast quality imagery and telemetry directly to deployed tactical forces, thus creating a common visual language amongst all forces in the battlespace. Using the Remote Video Terminal (RVT) link, combined with Tadiran Spectralink’s tactical video dissemination systems, the StarLink Digital Data Link System enables field commanders and dismounted troops to be on the receiving end of real-time data for target tracking, situational awareness, damage assessment, “over-the-hill” reconnaissance and surveillance, and all-round support for battlefield management.



For more details, please download the StarLink data sheet.

Data Sheet

StarLink Data Sheet (PDF  572.78 KB)


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