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AN/URT-44 Personnel Locator Beacon (PLB)

The New AN/PRC-648 PLB

When It Comes to Personal Locator Beacons - We´ve Got You Covered!

Tadiran Spectralink is a recognized world leader

in the design, development and production of leading-edge

Search and Rescue systems

for combat and non-combat applications.


With over three decades of experience in the SAR industry and a solid reputation for outstanding quality and reliability, the company is a distinguished supplier of SAR products and systems to the most discerning customers in the world, including the the US military (Army, Navy and Air Force), the Israel Air Force, many NATO nations, and countries in Asia and South America. That´s why we can say: When It Comes to Personal Locator Beacons - We´ve Got You Covered!



The Tadiran Spectralink AN/PRC-149A

Personal Locator Beacon & Voice Transceiver (PLBVT)

and AN/URT-140 Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)

were selected by the US Navy Naval Air Systems Command as

the Superior Cospas-Sarsat Personal Location Beacon Systems.




AN/URT-140 ELT Radio Beacon Set NSN 5826-01-466-0179

Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)


NSN 5826-01-466-0179

C/S Special Use Beacon No. 705

AN/PRC-149 PLBVT Radio Set NSN 5826-01-4660186


Personal Locator Beacon

& Voice Transceiver (PLBVT)


Swimmer Control Unit (SCU)


NSN 5826-01-4660186

C/S Special Use Beacon No. 703

The AN/URT-140 ELT and AN/PRC-149A PLBVT are advanced Line-of-Sight COSPAS-SARSAT Beacon SAR locators. These radio sets, intended for use in non-combat SAR missions when training or flying over friendly territory, are designed to provide ultra-reliable performance in a variety of mission types.

Mounted in an extremely small package in the pilot´s ejection seat, the AN/URT-140 ELT is automatically activated upon pilot ejection, transmitting a unique, programmable ID number. The AN/URT-140 provides LOS beacon frequencies of 121.5 and 243 MHz. In addition, an emergency signal is transmitted to COSPAS-SARSAT satellites, providing the Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) with the survivor´s present position. Short burst transmissions and specially developed circuitry provide the AN/URT-140 with long battery life in operating mode.

Small and lightweight, the AN/PRC-149A PLBVT is carried in the pilot´s flight suit and is activated by the pilot. The integral voice transceiver features multiple-channel selectable/programmable VHF/UHF capability. With its embedded GPS receiver, the AN/PRC-149A provides automatic position reporting for geolocation with better than 330 feet accuracy. Position coordinates may be transmitted by an optional built-in voice synthesizer over the selected voice frequencies. An optional Swimmer Control Unit (SCU) can be attached to the AN/PRC-149A for amphibious Special Forces operations.

Tadiran Spectralink´s Personal Locators Beacons are user-programmable, for maximum deployment flexibility and compatibility with future system development.


For more details, please download the brochure.



AN/PRC-149 PLBVT & AN/URT-140 ELT (PDF  7.52 MB)

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AN/URT-44 Personnel Locator Beacon (PLB)



Since February 2009, satellites no longer monitor the traditional 121.5 and 243 MHz international distress frequencies at which most currently available Personnel Locator Beacons still operate. Now, aircraft pilots can rely only on beacon sets operating at the 406 MHz frequency used by the satellites of the Cospas-Sarsat constellation.


Under a program initiated in 2004, the U.S. Air Force (USAF) decided to replace all of the aging AN/URT-33 Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs) with which most of its aircraft were equipped, with a new Personnel Locator Beacon featuring 406 MHz and GPS capabilities. The Signal Team, comprising Signal Engineering, Inc., of San Diego, California, USA, and Tadiran Spectralink, Ltd., of Holon, Israel, won an initial contract for engineering and testing of 20 production representative beacon sets.


At the end of a two-year effort, the Signal Team completed all tests with flying colors, including Cospas-Sarsat, Bailout, Sled, and exhaustive environmental tests, and the units delivered by the Signal Team received USAF’s “Safe-to-Fly” approval.

AN/URT-44 PLB, NSN 5026-01-699-2421
AN/URT-44 PLB, NSN 5026-01-699-2421

One of the Most Advanced PLBs in the Market

The Signal Team New Logo copy.jpg

The AN/URT-44 Personnel Locator Beacon (PLB) is considered as one the most advanced devices of its type currently available in the world market. It provides satellite-aided tracking Search and Rescue (SAR) capabilities in addition to multiple homing signals, to assist in the location and rescue of downed aircrews. A very fast acquisition embedded GPS receiver provides for rapid and accurate location of the aircrew, even before their feet hit the ground, via Cospas-Sarsat and geosynchronous satellites, thus enabling a quick and safe rescue operation.


Large-scale serial production contracts awarded to the Signal Team


Following the successful completion of the initial phase, in November 2008 the USAF awarded the Signal Team a contract, for a total value of approximately 40 million dollars, for large-scale serial production and supply of the new Personnel Locator Beacon, designated AN/URT-44 PLB. To date, the Signal Team has had several options exercised on the existing contract, bringing the total quantity of this PLB to be delivered to the USAF to more than 15,000. Additional options are expected to be awarded in the near future.


The development and production contracts were sponsored by the 77th Aeronautical Systems Group (AFMC), Brooks City‑Base, Texas. Manufacturing is carried out in the US by a local sub-contractor.


Data Sheet

AN_URT44 Data Sheet (PDF  443.05 KB)

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The New AN/PRC-648 PLB


Ultra-reliable performance, multiple modes of activation and operating frequencies


Probably the most feature-rich Personal Locator Beacon currently available in the world market, Tadiran Spectralink’s new AN/PRC-648 PLB (formerly: SPLB) is an advanced Over-the-Horizon COSPAS-SARSAT Personal Locator Beacon, intended for non-combat Search and Rescue missions.


The AN/PRC-648 is designed to provide ultra-reliable performance in severe operational environments. Carried in the pilot’s emergency vest or survival kit, the beacon is automatically activated upon bailout, while a lanyard-operated magnetic switch provides for additional automatic and manual activation options.


This state-of-the-art triple-beacon PLB operates at the 406 MHz frequency of the COSPAS-SARSAT SAR satellite system, plus the 121.5 and 243 MHz international emergency frequencies, thus ensuring prompt and effective delivery of distress signals, and facilitating the work of rescue teams.

Voice messaging, embedded GPS, sophisticated yet simple User Interface...


As one of the few PLBs in the market to offer voice functions, the AN/PRC-648 has an integral voice transceiver featuring multichannel VHF/UHF capabilities.


On customer request, the AN/PRC-648 can be fitted with an optional built-in voice synthesizer providing for transmission of geolocation data over the selected voice frequencies.


AN/PRC-648´s sophisticated yet remarkably simple user interface enables single-handedly selecting and operating all the features, even while wearing gloves.


An embedded GPS receiver provides for automatic position reporting, for geolocation with better than 10 meters (33 feet) accuracy. Four modes of operation, exceptionally long battery life, and a complete Built-In Test (BIT) function, add to the unique operational strengths and robust make-up of the AN/PRC-648 PLB.




For additional details, please use the following link to download the AN/PRC-648 data sheet.


AN/PRC-648 PLB DS.pdf (PDF  626.81 KB)

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